Thursday, April 22, 2004

And now: Tivo for cop cars.Technology News Article | As long as they can't tamper with it somehow (all you defense attorneys, hey I'd make a great expert witness ;-]) I suppose it's OK, certainly no worse than the standard videocams they all seem to have already. I wish it was always-on though, instead of just when they hit the cherries 'n' blueberries. Then it could cut both ways, show the cops wasting taxpayer money on donuts or goofing off; might even capture some Rodney King style actions too. In fact, why not just broadcast it constantly, live via satellite uplink, then you could have an all-COPS network 24x7. Kinda like police scanner radios but with video. Big-brother surveillance society isn't so bad, if it's the general populace doing the watching, rather than solely the self-appointed badge wearers.
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